Adventurous Elopement and Couples Photography


sacred vows of love  +  incredible destinations  -  the chaos  =  WANDERLUST ELOPEMENTS

THIS is finally the start of something I've dreamt of for years! This photographer seeks adventure-loving, outside the box, madly in love couples who want to document it all. WANDERLUST ELOPEMENTS is about photographing unconventional, wild, adventurous BIG LOVE: The CONSUMMATE VOWS spoken softly along cerulean shorelines, rocky cliffs, or the desert sands of FAR-AWAY places. These vows, heard by few, but felt TENFOLD, because the focus in so acutely present at that AUTHENTIC moment of giving your heart and hand to the SERENDIPITOUS SOUL next to you and saying, "Join me in LIFE, and in LOVE, and in TEARS and LAUGHTER. Follow me into the unknown and EXPLORE THE WORLD by my side FOREVER-MORE."

Take yourselves AWAY from the stress and chaos of the expensive details and PICTURE yourselves ALREADY in your DREAM destination, in the arms you long to be WRAPPED IN FOREVER. You don't have to entertain anyone but yourselves...with each other...RIGHT MEOW. You're already there, and ready for the EXPERIENCE.  For the barefoot BOHEMIAN bride, the WILD dauntless groom, or the SHY and private couple, WANDERLUST ELOPEMENTS will document your sacred day or very intimate ceremony at the destination of your choice - Based in crazy-weird Austin, Texas and passport-ready for destination coverage wherever your hearts desire to wander and start your new life TOGETHER

Destination Elopement Coverage begins at 1600

Local Elopement Coverage begins at 1200


All Wanderlust Elopements come with a digital collection, album, and much more!

Contact us for a consultation and to view a full day of elopement coverage. 



*all travel and accommodations are not included in collection pricing due to constant variances in seasonal travel fees. Please contact us for a consultation to go over details and questions regarding travel, as well as to view and approve full wedding coverage and products, and get to know each other to see if we are the right fit for you!  

Wanderlust Couples


mad love  +  meaningful places  -  inhibitions  =  WANDERLUST COUPLES

Whether you are NEWLY ENGAGED or you just want to document your BIG LOVE and the ADVENTURES you experience together, you don't really need an excuse for a couple's session. LOVE is reason enough! I absolutely ADORE photographing LOVE! There is nothing more AUTHENTIC than two people, in their own world, who can't keep their hands (or lips) off of each other! Let us capture this FEELING and freeze it in time for you. Let us show you the power of EXISTING in photographs with SOULFUL authentic emotion. 

TAKE us on a journey with you - a day in your LIFE TOGETHER - or an afternoon hike that takes us to your favorite swimming hole, a ROAD TRIP to a new place, or your favorite coffee shop where you shared your first "I LOVE YOU". Let's plan something EPIC, sweeping, and ROMANTIC at sunset or take a stroll in the city at dusk! We can PLAY dress-up and make art, or you can pretend we aren't there....or we can do BOTH! It's as simple as that! Couples sessions can be combined with elopement coverage or stand on their own.