meet Chele

My 411... A Poem. 


Silly, artsy, sister, mommy

Lover, daughter, creative PHOTOGRAPHER, 

seeker of LIGHT, lover of shadows, 

messy painter, number hater,

BOSS BABE, burger eater, 

JEDI, Trekie, the FORCE is with me, 

spontaneously DANCY, occasionally fancy, 

music lover, KAZOO player, 

WANDERLUST, star gazer, travel-loving trail blazer,

Mojito drinker, wine taster,

Bat driver, spider waster

movie goer, hand holder, heart-to-heart HUG giver,

ALL-INCLUSIVE, life-liver,

total FOODIE, scratch cooker

apron wearing, sometimes swearing

open-minded mind-speaker

adventurous, outdoorsy, TREE LOVER, 

without a doubt a tree hugger

friendly social COFFEE chugger

PASSIONATE about passion, adores BOWTIES and fashion

energetic, poetic, QUIRKY, romantic,

writer, reader, LAUGHTER-loving, Karma believer



My EARLY Work: I've had a camera in my hand since I was 16 - nearly 3 decades. Both of my dads, who were avid hobbyist photographers, were my inspiration and my first teachers. I can remember dragging my little sister to the mountain tops in the Arizona desert and wrapping her in lace and making her pose for me and then running to the darkroom at school the next morning, to develop the film and see what magic appeared before me in the trays of stinky chemicals. 


This DREAM:  As a young woman, I had dreams of documenting pygmy tribes and war-zones and exploring the world for National Geographic. I majored in photojournalism, but life twists and turns, and it turns out the twist is that I suck at landscapes, hate spiders, and absolutely rock at creatively documenting LIFE and LOVE! So, when you hire me, you get a fabulous and unique mix of documentary, lifestyle, fashion-editorial, creative, conceptual goodness all personalized just for YOU!


My GREAT loves: My partner, Frank, (who also happens to be a very talented photographer), my kids and fur-babies, my tribe, road trips, anticipation, my camera, and vacation. I adore the beach, meeting and connecting with new people, dancing of any kind, exploring, travel, a GOOD song, a GREAT movie, a bloody steak, a fire in the fireplace, waterfalls, rainy day sleep-ins, bold COLOR, ancient trees, laughter through tears, and vulnerable authenticity.


My MESSAGE to YOU: Just know that Life is fragile, so live with intent, an open heart and mind, take risk, love hard, fall down and get back up again,. Cherish, be kind and courageous, and explore the heck out of this world! Most of all: document all of it in photos, so you and those you love can relive it again and again!  


My BUSINESS: As I began to rebrand my portrait business, here, in Austin Texas, I realized my absolute favorite love of this craft is making portraits of creative seniors and teens, and photographing adventurous couples in love, their engagements, and intimate elopements. I have over a decade of on-location and studio experience, working with couples, weddings, families, teens, and children, using both natural and studio lighting. My niche is being out in the field, with the golden light, and freedom to create "outside the box."


My ideal clients are those who are naturally drawn to my work based on my unique blended style of portraiture, use of bold color, and story telling, and who are also looking for a signature experience and appreciate the time and attention to detail I spend on their project. I enjoy every aspect of portraiture from styling and planning with the client, to bringing our ideas to life on set to presenting their exciting Gallery Reveal slideshow, and delivering beautiful prints, fine wall-art, and hand crafted albums. In this studio, we are lovers of art, and true artists at heart! 

xoxo - peace, love, & bacon                           *photo credit Frank Carrino Photography