SENIOR BOOKING REQUIREMENT: If you are a minor (under 18), you may arrange and pay for your own appointment at your own discretion, but your parent or guardian must still meet with us and finalize your booking by signing a photography release giving us permission to photograph you.



Chele is an experienced creative photographer providing a fun, modern, luxury photoshoot experience that is a unique and once-in-a-lifetime experience. Her finished artwork is offered in a beautiful selection of matte prints, Wall art, albums, and digital images that can be purchased a la carte, or within a collection. 

At this time, there is no minimum purchase requirement of product (as many photographers do require), other than your initial investment of the session fee for our time spent to style, design, photograph, and process your session and host a reveal and ordering appointment for you. 

We are aware that some seniors are paying for their own portraits, while others will be purchased by parents or other family members. We do accept payment plans but product will not be delivered until your order until paid in full. If your parent or guardian is the person who will be purchasing your portraits at your Gallery Reveal, we encourage them review our portrait collection and a la carte pricing before booking so that they may ask questions or come by the studio and view our beautiful products in person prior to booking. Product pricing can be requested at any time via email or by phone call. All of our products are heirloom quality and made to last for generations, with proper care.

We are here to help you get the finest experience from start to finish and provide assistance during the selection process at your Reveal appointment so that it is not so overwhelming. 


Rescheduling is discouraged, but can understandably occur from time to time - especially when booked far in advance. The Senior Week discount is exclusive to your commitment of the original date pre-booked at this time. Should you need to reschedule your discounted date of service, you MAY be responsible for the full session fee difference at the time of rescheduling the appointment, IF another senior week discounted date of service is no longer available.  Please see our cancellation policy below, if you feel you may not be able to fully commit to an appointment.



(for wedding and elopement policies, please refer to your contract with the studio)

CANCELLATION (without reschedule) must be executed at least 15 day or greater, prior to appointment date, to receive refund in full, unless consultation and styling services have already taken place, in which case, studio retains 50% for consultation services to offset it's loss of business. Prepayment of session fees serves at a commitment by all: client, photographer, and HMUA, to your session date and time, as well as all services rendered prior to, during, and following that session, by the studio. If cancellation is made by the client within the 14 day window prior to session date, the studio shall retain 75% prepaid session fee to offset it's loss of business. If client does not show for the appointment, the studio shall retain all monies paid. "Consultation" is defined as detailed discussion of any of the following: Session styling, planning, clothing, scouting & reserving locations, whether discussed in-person, on phone, or via webcam, and is considered loss of time and loss of income, should the session be cancelled after consultations have begun.

This policy is set in place to protect our sustainable business model and commitment of valuable time to both my clients and my family. Once time is scheduled, all other inquiries are declined, including family time opportunities.

INCLEMENT WEATHER: Inclement weather days occur from time to time. It is at the studio's discretion whether or not to reschedule. This decision is often made within hours of the arrival time and is always seriously considered due to the investment of all involved in a portrait session, including the desired outcome of the creative artwork. Clients rescheduled by the studio due to inclement weather will be worked back into the schedule as soon as possible, without loss or variance of original session fees and retainer monies.


If you have any questions regarding our policies please contact us directly at chelejonesphoto@gmail.com and we welcome phone calls as well: 512-585-1722