Austin singer-songwriter, Alaina Nesby
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Friday, June 15, 2018
By Chele Jones Photography
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Alaina Nesby: Austin's soulful young songwriter is anything but watered down

I wish I could put into words for you the talents and my love for this amazing Austin, Texas teen musician I met only 2 years ago. Her playful spirit and prankster personality easily hides what you would never know lies underneath, as a soul wise beyond her teenage years writes music and lyrics that will blow you away. I met Alaina when she was only 13. At the time, she was already playing 25 instruments, toying with vegetarianism, and quietly working on an album of her own...someday to be shared with all of us lucky folks, when it's all complete

As I got to know her better and learn all of her talents, she became like a family member to us and a best friend to my daughters, and I asked her if she would be interested in modeling and helping me out with test shoots whenever I had new ideas. She was all for it, and after one crazy cool and amazing 7 hour shoot with her, she ordered a cheeseburger and was a vegetarian no more. 

Flash forward 2 years, 5 new songs, and several test shoots later, we now run out and shoot whenever we can and they are some of my favorite shoots, ever. The bittersweet news is that, as we move our portrait business to Southern California, which is a good thing, I will miss my musical muse, and sweet friend, more than anything. This is our last Austin shoot together - at least for a while (don't worry, I'll be back on the regular to continue photographing seniors here in Austin).

I had some ideas I've been wanting to try out that paying clients weren't so ready to do on the fly - all involving WATER - my favorite summertime feature for senior portraits (and flowing dresses). Sometimes you just have to get those creative ideas out of your system, and one of the keys to getting to do what you love, is to shoot it and show it: "build it and they will come." I purchased several flowing dresses to keep on hand in the studio for exactly this purpose! So, if you're ever down for a water shoot, and you don't want to get your own dresses wet - just holla and I will show you what we have here and we are always updating our style closet! (Check out Instagram Stories at @CheleJones_Photo to see some of the styles we have put together). 

Even though we are moving to Los Angeles to continue building our photography careers, my next stop for senior portraits is actually cool, sunny, breezy Duluth, Minnesota! For those of you wanting to book graduation pictures there in late July 2018, there are waterfalls for days all around the area. The nature trails are DIVINE and the downtown urban culture is vintage and fun! Hit that contact button and I will let you know all about my travel/destination specials!  We have only 3 spots remaining out of 6. 

Los Angeles area sessions can book as soon as August 15th. You can expect to see us returning to Austin and Tyler Texas in the Fall of 2018! 

xx, Chele Jones 

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